Larry Swartzlander
Executive Director
Jerome Hoban
Board Chair, At-Large
Rick Pickering
Board Vice-Chair, Live Racing Chair
Dan Jacobs
Southern Satellite Chair
Kelly Violini
Northern Satellite Chair
Lauri King
WFA Liaison
Stephen Hales
Dana Stoehr

Live Racing Services

Racing Operations

  • Works with Racing Fairs on preparation, submission and presentation of CHRB License Applications
  • Provides Racing Office computer system (all computer hardware/peripherals) and application software (Equibase) and manages service, technical support and transportation
  • Provides and manages Paymaster services, including Paymaster (CARF employee) bank accounts, audits, payment of all purse moneys to owners and all other distributions of payment to various recipients
  • Telecommunications: provision of voice, fax and data lines necessary to support racing, totalisator and simulcast operations
  • Provides accounting, reconciliation and distribution of all parimutuel commissions, purse, license fees and other distributions
  • Coordinates development and management of purse schedule through Fair Circuit in cooperation with Fair Racing Secretaries and Thoroughbred Owners of California
  • Provides Supplemental Purse Fund management and accounting
  • Provides marketing coordination through circuit
  • Manages contracts for daily racing program production, printing and distribution
  • Manages Condition Book production and distribution
  • Manages contracts and logistics for provision of Jumbo Video Screen
  • Manages contract for Starting Gate
  • Manages contract for Photo Finish
  • Total Carbon Dioxide (TCO2) testing
  • Furnishes electronic timing system with operator
  • Oversees TV Production System for Officials and Simulcast Transmissions
  • Manages provision of Temporary Stalls
  • Coordinates provision of Mobile Offices for Racing Operations
  • Daily, on-site management and oversight of all operations above, along with management, coordination and disposition of other matters that may arise from time to time in the course of conducting racing at Fairs
  • Active liaison, representation and advocacy with on-track Stewards and with senior CHRB officials

Contracts with Horsemen's Associations   Back to Top

  • Negotiates contracts with horsemen's associtions, as required by statute
  • Thoroughbred Owners of California
  • Cal Western Appaloosa
  • Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
  • Arabian Racing Association of California
  • American Mule Racing Association
  • California Thoroughbred Trainers

Labor Agreements   Back to Top

  • Local 280 Pari-Mutuel Employees Guild
  • Local 1877 (formerly Local 399) AFLCIO Service Employees International Union Valets and receiving barn personnel
  • Local 495 International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and helpers of America
  • Note: Assist Starters now with Teamsters Local 495 but under separate agreement

Recruitment Program for Out-of-State Horses   Back to Top

  • Organizes and conducts out-of-state recruitment of horses to run at Northern California Fairs
  • Manages payment of incentives
  • Tracks and reports on results of Recruitment Program

Pari-Mutuel Wagering Operations   Back to Top

  • Maintains totalisator contract
  • Parimutuel labor contract
  • NOTWInc agreement for Northern California simulcast network
  • You Advanced Deposit Wagering
  • TVG Advanced Deposit Wagering
  • Xpress Bet Advanced Deposit Wagering
  • TwinSpires Advanced Deposit Wagering
  • Provide all accounting, reconciliation, banking for ADW wagering operations
  • Morning Fitness Vet
  • Veterinarian
  • TCO2 Technician
  • Track Maintenance Crew Chief
  • Horse Ambulance Driver
  • Clocker and Timer
  • Paymaster
  • Program Manager
  • Track Announcer
  • Stewards' Aide
  • Jocks' Room
  • Racing Secretary Personnel

Race Track Safety & Maintenance Program   Back to Top

  • CARF developed this program and provides management oversight throughout Fair Circuit.
  • Works with Division of Fairs and Expositions to maintain funding support
  • Contracts with Steve Wood, Trackmaster, Inc., to provide expert consultation and oversight of Fair track maintenance
  • Carries lease agreements for John Deere tractors
  • Owns and provides custom-built water truck (2001 Sterling), provides rock-picker (added 2003) and Kimzey Equine Ambulance
  • Owns or provides harrows, floats, and other miscellaneous equipment required for track maintenance
  • Manages all planning, heavy equipment transportation and logistics
  • Provides daily, on-site management, key personnel and oversight
  • No direct cost to Racing Fairs.

Web Site Operations   Back to Top

  • Manages racing Website on behalf of Fairs which conduct live racing
  • Contracts with information service providers
  • Daily management and administration of racing information provided to racing fans on Website

Simulcast Operations   Back to Top

  • Manages Satellite Transmission and Encryption Services
  • Manages TV Production for simulcast coverage
  • Manages telecommunications support: provision of voice, fax and data lines necessary to support simulcast operations
  • Furnishes back up electrical generators
  • Provides accounting, reconciliation, banking for simulcast operations
  • NOTWInc contract for Northern California simulcast network
  • Manages contracts for out-of-state simulcast sites and distribution of daily racing programs and other simulcast information
  • Payment of commissions, purses, license fees and all other distributions from simulcast operations